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10 Training Myths To Ignore For Men Over 30

Don’t believe everything you’re told, here are 10 training myths to ignore

Are you a man of a certain age wishing you could look and feel better? Well, it’s time to work smarter not harder and stop buying into the fitness myths surrounding us all. We’re here with 10 training myths to ignore and proving that everyone can see results if they work out consistently!

You have to train 4/5 or 6 times per week

This is simply not true. Now if your goal is to get up on stage and be super lean, then maybe yes, but for us, busy dads NO. Two to three sessions per week in the gym will be enough for any dad to see a huge change in their body shape.

You have to train a certain way to see results

Unless you have a specific goal, like a bodybuilder or powerlifter, then your training must be relevant to that goal. If you’re an out of shape, overweight dad, then there are two main areas you need for your training, cardio, and weights. You will get way better results by combining the two.

I will start once I’m fit and drop a few pounds

This is more of a myth we tell ourselves. I get it, those days of drinking and eating what you liked and not gaining an ounce of fat are long gone. I know you feel terrible, out of breath and often think what’s the point, but you have to start somewhere.

Keep it simple, go for a walk, cut out the junk food for a week or two and watch your body change.

I can’t get a good workout in because I don’t belong to a gym or have access to equipment

Again another myth we tell ourselves. You can get amazing results just by being more active daily, watching your food and portion sizes and just being consistent. The easier you make your journey of change the better chance you have of sticking to it. So to start, track your daily steps for seven days, and just cut back your normal meal sizes.

You have to train for hours

Nope, you can get results in only training 15 mins a day. A study was done by the University of Alabama which showed that a 15 minute blast workout will help maintain your results. This is a great option if you’re a busy dad and caught for time and still want to get a workout in.

You have to eat 5 or 6 meals per day

Nope, another myth! Nutrition for us dads can be hard enough. We’re told that food is bad or should not be eaten, or you have to eat a certain number of meals per day. You don’t, a study done by Cameron et al showed there is no benefit or difference to be gained from eating three meals per day to eating five or six meals per day. My advice is stick to what suits you.

You have to follow a certain diet to get results

I’m sure you have seen the endless amounts of diet plans that are out there. Keto, paleo, low carb, low fat, vegan, to name a few. One thing all these diets have in common is they get you to create a calorie deficit. When you create a calorie deficit, you burn more fat and this leads to results. So if you’re a busy dad, the main principles you need to follow is one of energy balance or your daily calorie needs, don’t fall for the diet plans.

You need supplements if you want results

I can not tell how much of a lie this is, and how so many dads out there are taking pointless supplements. Supplements count for 5% of your results, before spending your hard-earned cash on them, get the basics right. Make sure your food, exercise, sleep, and stress levels are all good, before even thinking about supplements.

Can not eat after a certain time at night

The most popular one for this is “you can not eat carbs after 6 pm” once again a huge myth. You can eat all your daily calories at 9 pm, as long as you stay under your daily calories you will still get results. The timing of your meals does not matter for average dads. Eat when it suits you, make sure you are eating less than you need and watch amazing things happen.

You have to cut out certain foods if you want results

How great would it be if you could eat the same foods as the family and still lose the belly, drop the extra weight and be more fit and toned? Well, you can. Unless you have a specific allergy to a food group, you do not need to cut any foods out of your diet to get results. Watch the calories, be more active and do this consistently to see results.

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