best meditation apps

3 of the best… meditation apps

The benefits of meditation are well-known, but when you’re trying to succeed in work, maintain successful relationships, work out and eat better, how are you meant to find the time to meditate?

Ten minutes a day seems so simple, but then you miss the bus or a meeting runs over and ten minutes suddenly becomes impossible. So what about multi-tasking? It may seem counter productive but using an app to help you meditate while doing something else is the perfect solution.

So, we’ve rounded up three of the best apps. To get you started.


Headspace meditation app

The granddaddy of them all, Headspace is one of the most recognisable and user friendly apps out there. Founded by former Buddist monk Andy Puddicombe, the site starts off with a free trial of 10 minutes meditation for 10 days. After that membership costs €9.95 each month, which opens up different meditation packs relating to relationships, relationships and career. Andy leads each meditation and they range between 10 and 20 minutes in length. Illustrations explain the different principles and for every membership the company gets they donate a membership to a mental health charity.


Buddify meditation app

Buddify is a free app, which themes meditations around activities. Meaning if you honestly can’t find ten minutes of peace in your day, you can multi-task. Think meditations while walking, cooking or eating. There’s also meditations for specific issues such as insomnia, pain and illness or dealing with difficult emotions. Every meditation is lead by a different expert, and the easiest one is just three minutes long. Meaning you have no excuse.

Stop, Breath & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think meditation app

If you’ve already climbed aboard the meditation train, then this is the app for you. It’ll help by adding more depth more to your practice. By checking in several times during the day, Stop, Breathe & Think helps you recognise a pattern to your stress and creativity levels. It also works with you on targeted wellness areas like falling asleep faster, improving focus, and alleviating anxiety. Basically, this is like your personal wellness coach. There’s also a learn meditation section for beginners. Downloading is free but there are in-app purchases required to access certain functions.