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3 Easy Health Goals To Achieve In March

Instead of adopting an all or nothing approach, try aiming for three easy health goals this month to achieve long term change

Easy health goals to achieve in March.

Find an exercise that sparks joy

Whether you buy into Mari Kondo’s interior regime, the term sparks joy has become common parlance and we’re delight, as it sums up such a specific feeling. So, this month why not try to find an exercise that sparks joy? Or at least the very start of a spark. If the gym isn’t your bag try rock climbing or if you want to make friends join a team sport. You see our point, the list and options are endless, so if you struggle to find motivation to run or take a Spin class, opt to think outside the exercise block.

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Learn to cook some wholesome meals

You might not be a whizz in the kitchen, and that’s absolutely fine, but you should at least have 3-5 decent dinners you can whip up. Think simple and think inexpensive. Stir fries, simple pasta dishes and impossible to ruin one pot wonders like dahls are easier to master and easier to tailor to the ingredients you have in your kitchen.

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Improve your sleep hygiene

We know how important sleep is, but do you know that you actually have more control over it than you might think? There are good and bad sleep routine habits, and by making a few simple changes you can improve the quality of your sleep. Try to avoid electrical devices for 30 minutes before you go to bed; banish the phone from your bedroom; and try to stick to the same bedtime, even at weekends. Give these three suggestions a go this month and watch your sleep pattern improve. Sleep expert Motty Varghese makes similar suggestions in his articles on WellFest.

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