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3 financial podcasts that really work

Whether it’s for a summer holiday, a house deposit or just to avoid going into your overdraft. Again. Managing our finances is the one side of adulting we really don’t like.

We know all the salient advice. Don’t spend more than you earn. Keep a diary. Only use cash. You know, all the practical advice. Yet somehow we still can’t get a handle on it. So, we’ve turned once again to technology and to dozens of financial podcasts on the market. Some are helpful, some are absolutely not. Here’s our favourite four. They’re entertaining, informative and really make a difference.

Good With Money with Gaby Dunn

There’s so many aspects to managing finances that we never speak about. Which is why we love Gaby Dunn and her revolving door of guests, who all chat about the fact that money can be confusing, scary and determine our mood and self-esteem levels on any given day. They also discuss the very real side of starting from the very bottom of the financial barrel in an episode called What if You’re F*cked? (aka No seriously, What Then?). Basically, this podcast makes us feel like we’re not the only ones who struggle.

Her manta: Don’t let the fear steer.

Wander Wealthy

Actuarial scientist and finance expert Tess Wicks believes that sensible budgeting and future planning should always include a budget for wine. Which basically makes this our favourite! In all seriousness, her no messing advice and her understanding that the majority of people need a grey area makes this a helpful and realistic podcast. Wicks wants us to spend our money on what we want, she just wants us to understand how much money we really have. While fighting our instant gratification complex. She gets it

Her mantra: Make your goal setting S.M.A.R.T- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound.

Mo’Money With Jessica Moorhouse

She has a self confessed passion for personal finance, and Jessica Moorhouse is committed to helping us all better understand our financial habits. In fact, she wants us to empower ourselves through financial literacy which we’re all for. We’re open to anyone who can help us understand the small print involved in a bank loan. One of Moorhouse’s big believes is that staying in a job you hate could actually be financially unhealthy. Her podcast and blog feature interviews with successful entrepreneurs and finance experts.

Her manta: After a big splurge it’s essential to go on a spending cleanse, limiting expenses to just the essentials

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