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3 Reasons To Visit LloydsPharmacy

Discover the 3 reasons why you should visit our Official Pharmacy Partner LloydsPharmacy, including a personalised skin check!

This article is sponsored by LloydsPharmacy.

If you loved the LloydsPharmacy area at WellFest 2019 in association with KBC, don’t miss out on the chance to receive these customized services available at their participating stores. Find out which service is the best for you.

Personalised Skin Analyser – Free

Did you know that the majority of people in Ireland (85%)* have suffered from a sensitive skin condition, such as dry skin (55%), acne (23%), eczema (15%) and psoriasis (12%)?

Using their new skin analyser, LloydsPharmacy skin care experts can identify skin treatment plans for their customers with recommended products and daily skin care regimes. The analysis takes just 3 minutes and tests for hydration, elasticity, sebum, pores, wrinkles, sensitivity, melanin and acne.

Discover more about the service and find your closest store here.

Cardiovascular Age Machine – Free

New to Ireland in 2018, their Cardiovascular Age Machine measures blood pressure and Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) for the assessment of cardiovascular risk.

Why measure cardiovascular age?

– Vascular age increases with biological age, genetic influence, lifestyle and disease
– Blood pressure measurement and vascular age combined assess health of vascular system
– The scientifically proven measurement of arterial stiffness caused by high blood pressure & high cholesterol
– Arterial stiffness has a strong correlation with stroke, heart attack and other cardiac diseases and therefore a high prognostic value

Benefits of Cardiovascular Age Machine test:

– Measurement of potential risks for prevention or early incidence of vascular diseases
– Advanced prediction of future cardiovascular risk of stroke or heart attack
– Consultation on lifestyle habits to reduce risk and improve the personal vascular age
– Continuous tracking in pharmacy

Discover more about the service and find your closest store here.

Weigh Your Age Screening Service – €10

Did you know that weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health? This is because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle.

With the ‘Weigh Your Age’ screening service, LloydsPharmacy can help you monitor your own health while tracking your results to achieve your goals.

What exactly is measured?

– Body and Visceral Fat
– Muscle Mass
– Bone Mass
– Physique Identity
– Metabolic Age
– Total Body Water

Discover more about the service and find your closest store here.

For more information visit www.lloydspharmacy.ie  or call into your local LloydsPharmacy store.

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