3 ways to deal with anxiety

3 ways to deal with anxiety

We all go through difficult patches, which is why having some fail safe strategies to deal with your anxiety is always a good idea

It can be hard to deal with anxiety during the summer months, everybody is in great form and you may not want to be the one dragging people down. So, instead of trying to deal with it all by yourself, try adopting these three habits when things start becoming too much

Reach out to one person

Be it a friend, a colleague, a family member or even somebody from your Spin class, telling even one person you’re having a difficult time will help. It will help you realise that it’s possible to say the words out loud, and to realise that, for the most part, people won’t be disappointed in you or tell you to cop on. People want to help, especially those they love.


We know the life changing effect changing your breathing practice can have, but are you breathing properly? Most people assume  that to calm down they should be taking long inhales and long exhales, but this can actually be counter productive. Taking a long inhale can actually start to increase anxious feelings as your body starts to wonder if you’re filling your lungs to run away from something; instead try taking regular inhales and lengthening the exhale. This will help calm your nervous system without triggering any fight or flight repsonses.


Not as a means to escape everything, but as a means to reset. Napping resets your heart rate, which in turn will help calm your mind and rid your body of anxious feelings. As for your night time sleeping habits, if you’re not feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep it may be time to look at your sleep hygiene habits. Are you really doing everything you can to have a decent night’s sleep?

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