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3 Ways To Master Eating On The Go

Dr Ciara Kelly shares her top three tips for eating on the go

There are many challenges we face day to day that threaten even our best intentions to eat a healthy diet. The daily commute to and from work, college and school is definitely one of those. Early starts, late nights and traffic can make it tricky to keep your nutrition nailed. Here’s the simple tips I’ve picked up along my commuting way to keep my healthy habits alive on the go.

The magic of meal prep

I love the saying ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’, and that’s where my first tip comes in. Every Sunday I devote 1-2 hours to preparing either recipes or ingredients to save time during my Monday to Friday. That can be a number of things, depending on what suits you. For example, cooking up a one-pot wonder recipe like a curry or dahl. Or chopping up a batch of vegetables to take the sting out of cooking mid-week. Why not try cooking a double portion of dinner and saving half for the next day. The secret to making meal prep fun, and not a chore, is to start with a plan. A plan for the recipes you will make, the groceries you will need, and the time you have to cook. Try setting yourself a recipe challenge to make a new dish each week for your dinner or lunches, it keeps your kitchen fun and your palette guessing.

The freezer is your friend

So you’ve nailed your meal prep, stored some meals in Tupperware – now what? Where to put it all? Enter your new best friend. The freezer. Space to store food can be limited , so maximise what you have available. Freezing batches of baked snacks like flapjacks or a couple of portions of a big dinner means you’ve got a food back-up. Which is very handy on for those days when you’re late home with no desire to be near the kitchen. Give it a try, your future self will thank you for it, I promise!

Solve the snack attack

Our daily commute is often the time when we find ourselves at our hungriest, or maybe even hangriest. This is particularly true when we’re commuting home in the evening, a late finish at the office, an extended library session, plus or minus a trip to the gym or training, all before we arrive home to attempt cooking. I always pack two snacks when I head off to work or college for the day. The elevenses can hit hard when we have such early starts, and grabbing a quick bite on the way home keeps the hunger at bay until we can cook up a proper meal. Favourites of mine include homemade flapjacks, yoghurt with raw nuts and berries, fruits like apples and bananas, and hummus with raw veggie sticks. Simple, delicious, nutritious – and great ‘hanger’ antidotes!


Ciara Kelly is a medical doctor who’s passionate about incorporating nutrition and fitness into her daily life. She believes that through empowerment, everyone can find balance and the lifestyle for them. For more information, visit irishbalanceblog.wordpress.com

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