running in the heat

3 ways to run in the heat

We’re not having the best summer here in Ireland, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to stick with a routine when you go on holidays. If you’re heading somewhere sunny here’s three simple ways to run in the heat

Maybe you’re somebody who goes on holiday and forgets about working out. Or maybe you’re somebody who loves working out out holidays. Either way, if you want to stick to a routine or go for a morning run instead of your morning class, here’s three top tips to help you run in the heat.


Admit you won’t be able to hit it as hard as you normally do on day one. And that’s ok. So, instead try to go for time instead of pace. The longer you spend working out in the heat the more quickly your body will acclimatise. Likewise, start by training at the coolest time of day and slowly build up. Don’t think you can go for a run on day one at 12pm!


The body will do what the mind says it’s capable of. So, if you head out for a run already convinced you won’t be able to hit the 5k mark because of the heat, chances are you’re right. However, if you step out the door convinced you work better in the sun, then you’re halfway there. Mental attitude is one of the strongest motivators when it comes to fitness so don’t underestimate it.

Be clever

Drink more water. Pick routes that include shade. Run in the morning or the evening. These tips may seem basic, but it can be easy to forget working out in heat you’re not used to can take its toll on your body. So drink plenty of water both before and after your run to make sure you stay hydrated.

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