4 things a life coach wants you to know

4 Things A Life Coach Wants You To Know

It’s time to think of us as your own personal life coach, and these are the four things we want you to know

Are you struggling to live your best life? Then here’s four things you can do to make a difference to your everyday routine, without having to go and see a life coach.

Say no

If you’re a fan of an inspirational quote on Insta then chances are you already seen several versions of the idea that no is a full sentence. However, knowing you need to say no and actually being able to say it are two different things. When was the last time you did something you didn’t want to do? Took on a project you really didn’t have capacity for? Or agreed to help a friend knowing full well the favour would never be returned?

If you want to start making space for yourself then you need to learn when to say no. And to realise that saying no is not an insult. Instead, it’s prioritising your needs over others. Of course, there will be times when you have to put yourself out for other people, but once you start respecting your own time you’ll become better at realising which tasks are optional.

Diarise your week

And plan in time for yourself. Plan a yoga class, plan your meditation time, and make time to meet friends. Even plan time to read your book or listen to a podcast if needs be. Our tendency will always be to cancel promises we made to ourselves when times runs short. But what example is that setting both to yourself and those around you? Research shows that when you don’t show up for yourself or don’t stick to self commitments you’ve made your self-confidence starts to waiver. And of course it does! If you can’t rely on yourself then how are you going to be able to rely on others?

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Filter the news

Not forever, but if you’re stressed and struggling to find time to fit everything in, scrolling through social media and news sites is not a good use of time. Instead, filter what you choose to see. If you’re a new fan and can’t bear to not know what’s going on, allow yourself news breaks in the morning and evening. If you’re addicted to social media ask yourself why? What accounts do you follow and try to whittle out the ones that don’t bring you joy? Delete any accounts that make you feel bad about your own life. And follow only accounts that inspire and motivate you.

Practice self-care

We’re working longer hours than ever before and wearing busyness like a badge of honour, but at what cost? Are you sleeping properly? Are you eating well? If you’re rushing through your week waiting for the weekend so you can binge exercise and sleep then something is wrong. Start to look at your daily routine and see where you can carve little pockets of time out for yourself.

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