4 ways to stay motivated

4 Ways To Stay Motivated

Do you struggle to work out at this time of year? Us too! Which is why we’re here with four ways to stay motivated

At this time of year, it’s easy for motivation to wane. The dark mornings, the cold weather, and the festive plans. But keeping your workout routine going all year round is how you see progress, changes in your body and stay fit and healthy. Here’s four ways to stay motivated.

Set your goals

Why do you want to continue to work out? If you find your motivation is waning a little set a goal? Maybe a spring 10k or a PB you want to hit by the end of January. Setting goals now means you won’t fall into the trap of ‘new year new you’ thinking, which can often be unsustainable. Instead, focus your attention on building up from existing achievements.

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Be realistic

The lead up to Christmas is a busy time for everyone. Family obligations, end of year work commitments and the desire to hibernate and watch festive movies on Netflix are all reasons to stop working out. Which is why it’s important you’re realistic. Maybe your routine needs to change rather than stop. Be flexible about your time restraints and work around them. Maybe you go from four weekly workouts to three? Maybe you stop running before work and instead head to the gym for a fitness class? Being realistic about the time you can devote to yourself is half the battle.

Be consistent

If you want to stay motivated and make working out a habit that fits into a roundly balanced lifestyle, then you need to be consistent. If you know you always meet your friend for Pilates on a Tuesday it becomes a non-negogiable in your diary. Even if you work out alone, it’s important that you carve time out of your week to stick to your schedule. Honoring promises you make to yourself is just as important as honoring those you make to others.

Have fun

You’ll never want to do anything that you think is a chore. So, if your current regime isn’t doing it for you, change it up! Maybe you need to pair up with a friend to exercise during colder months? Maybe a team sport would you up and out on a dark morning? Try new things and see what suits you. And remember, just because you hated something this time last year, doesn’t mean you still won’t enjoy it!

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