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5 of the best… natural cleansers

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type can be tricky. We’ve come a long way from washing our faces with soap and water, and while that works for some, what if you want an alternative?

There are dozens of cleansers on the market. All promising to do new and wonderful things to our skin. It can be overwhelming and expensive trying to decide which one suits best. Especially when all you want to do is wash the day off your skin.

However, if you’re careful about what you eat and put into your body, the same level of care should apply to what you put into your body. Yes?

So in the second part of our natural beauty series we’re focussing on natural cleansers. Some simply wash the skin, while others treat skin concerns, but all are natural.

For every skin

Irish brand Pestle & Mortar are developing a cult following since they launched a few years ago. And it’s easy to see why. Their paraben-free and vegan range delivers real results without breaking the bank. While we love their Pure Hyaluronic Serum, it’s their Renew Cleanser that made the biggest impression.  Finding a cleanser that suits all skin types isn’t easy, especially when you consider that many also use a cleanser as a makeup remover. When used in conjunction with the muslin cloth, this bad boy is a game changer.

Renew, €43, Pestle & Mortar


For congested skin

Congested skin can often look dull and lacklustre. Clogged pores and dead cells sitting on the surface of the skin can make it difficult for products to get through. So it doesn’t matter how many illuminating serums you use, if they can’t get through the skin they’re useless. So, either adopt a weekly exfoliating regime or multi-task with your cleanser, and opt for a deep dive option. A deeply cleaning cleanser will remove all debris from the skin without being as harsh as an exfoliator, so is ideal as a starting point.

Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream, €13.99, Burts Bees

For sensitive skin

Highly reactive skin needs gentle products to bring about results without aggravation. To that end, opt for cleansers that have soothing products in them, such as calendula, vitamin C, camellia and rose. Ingredients need to nourish and soothe as well as cleanse. So make sure to read the full list of ingredients before parting with your hard earned money.

Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, €36, PAI Skincare

For dehydrated skin

It’s not just over doing it on the sauce that can cause skin to become dehydrated. Although that does play a part! The amount of water you drink each day is a hugely important factor. We all know we need to drink eight glasses of water a day, but did you know it doesn’t only impact on your health but on your appearance? Dehydrated skin is generally dry, flaky and dull. Not the sort of skin anyone wants to have! While the weather can of course play a part, hydration levels are general determined by external factors. In the short term, opt for a cleanser specifically formulated for dry skin.

Orange Flower Facial Wash, €22.40, Neal’s Yard 

For makeup lovers

If you’d rather leave the house naked than without a full smokey eye, you need to opt for an oil cleanser that will remove all traces of your face without any need for an extra product. The mistake people sometimes make is to opt for a harsh cleanser when in actual fact a gentle oil cleanser will do the job. Just be careful of using a clean towel to try your face!

Absolute Cleansing Oil, €22.95, Kinvara Skincare

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