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The 5 fitness truths preventing you from reaching your goals

To quote Jack Nicholson: “Can you handle the truth?” About your fitness regime anyway. If you started the year with great intentions but are already starting to wane, maybe it’s time you were treated to some tough love.

We all do it. Start the year with the best intentions in the world, but then work commitments kick in. Or it’s baltic, lashing rain and there’s a new Netflix series you have to watch. Suddenly the next thing you know, it’s February and the only action your glutes got in the last month was getting up after accidentally sitting on the remote control. You are still the same person you were in 2017.

It’s this time of year when most of us sign up for a fancy new gym membership. Or get ourselves some trendy activewear in the sales. Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll be a solid 10 in your new Lululemons, but unless you actually face up to reality and take accountability for yourself, you’re never going to achieve those goals.

So with all that said, let’s dive in with some fitness truths.

The fitness industry is one of the fastest growing industries today and guess what, everyone is trying to sell you something. Hell even I’m trying to sell myself to you right now.

The truths

  1. You are not a victim
  2. There are no quick fixes
  3. You’re overweight because you ate and drank too much crap
  4. An expensive detox won’t get you in shape
  5. Exercise, good food and sleep are all you need for a better lifestyle.

Still here?

There you have it. Now you know that taking control of your own life is entirely within your grasp. So, let’s have a look at the steps you can take to becoming the best you can be.

If you look back to point five above, exercise, good food and sleep are the only three things you really need to be concerned about if you want to look good and feel good.

Yes, there is yoga, pilates and mindfulness, all of which I am a big fan of and practice regularly. However, I’m also mindful that if last night you spent 2 hours scrolling through Instagram while polishing off those left over mince pies from Christmas you can exercise.

So let’s have a look.


Let’s be honest, exercise is so cool right now, or at least that’s what social media tells me. Apparently my entire self worth is now based on likes by complete strangers. Speaking of which, you can hit me up on Instagram here, (shameless plug)

Sarky comments aside, exercise has always been a rock in my life. As a 35 year old lad, I didn’t grow up with social media. I went to the gym because I liked the way it made me look and feel. I didn’t train just so I could post a picture of myself online in the hope I’d get 5,000 followers and a sponsorship from Gymshark. Saying that i wouldn’t say no, so Gymshark if you read this send stuff, my address is on my website!

Exercise is the foundations of not only building a better body but a better mind also. Training helps me to build confidence, manage stress and perform better at work. It was key to helping me come back from crippling depression and, on a more shallow but totally honest note, look good so I could get a girlfriend.

So, close down the laptop, stick on your runners and take just 45 minutes out of the whole 24 hours there are in a day, to attend a HIIT class. I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards.


Now, I’m not going to harp on about what you should and shouldn’t eat, because you already know the difference between what’s healthy and what’s not. But for those of you that are a little lost, I’m going to break it down real quick,

  • If it’s in a packet, loaded with sugar, “low fat” or you struggle to pronounce some of the ingredients it’s more than likely unhealthy
  • If it’s, fresh, came from the ground, contains 5 or less ingredients or is a recently killed animal, how could it not be good for you?

We’re all guilty of overeating at some time or another, but if your goal is to burn fat (which 99% of my clients do) you need to be in a calorie deficit. There’s no two ways about it.

Put simply: Food = Calories. A calorie is a unit of energy. If you eat too much food and but don’t expand any energy, you are literally telling your body to store that energy as fat.

So if you consume less calories than your body requires and are using more calories/energy for exercise then you start burning fat. Science has got your back. Love you science!!


Sleep is the last of my three pillars.There’s a whole bunch of stress hormones associated with a bad night’s sleep. Without getting all nerdy about the whole thing, those bad boys are proven to contribute to weight gain. Lack of sleep will also affect your recovery from training, meaning those muscles you’re working aren’t repairing properly, making you sore and achy. And, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Once you’ve upped your exercise game you’ll find by the time the day’s out, you will want to go to bed. In doing so, you’ll curb those appetite pangs and repair those muscles raring to go again the next day.

So why HIIT?

For the past ten years I lived in Sydney, Australia. In 2011, I became a personal trainer and that same year I started working with Dangerously Fit as a HIIT trainer on Bondi Beach. And yes, it was as class as it sounds. Once I started training HIIT classes I was obsessed, there was something different about the classes. People were getting real results and fast. Clients loved the social element of the class and encouraging each other. In short, people were hooked.

High Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT, is scientifically proven to boost your metabolism, improve endurance and increase cardiac health. Get you, science, you legend!

The best thing about HIIT is that you go at your own pace. What is high intensity for you might be a warm up for a fit person. But it’s not about competing, it’s about consistently getting out there and giving it your absolute all for those 45 minutes.

And isn’t that true for most things?


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