5 symptoms of career burn out

5 Symptoms Of Career Burn Out. Is this why you’re tired all the time?

Tired all the time but convinced it’s just life? Maybe not. Maybe you’re burnt out? Here’s 5 symptoms of career burn out.

Social media is great, but with it comes the understanding that we’re contactable 24/7 on dozens of platforms. We’re always on. Which means it’s harder to switch off from work. Big day tomorrow? Maybe a few emails before you go to bed will get you ahead a little? Didn’t hear from a client by 5.30pm? Sure check in at 7pm and deal with the problem then. All of this means that burn out is becoming more and more common.

So how do you know if you’re experiencing burn out?

You’re exhausted all the time

Are you not sleeping or sleeping lots but alwas tired? That could be down to burn out. Working should make you motivated and energised. Most of the time!

You have no support

If your colleagues or line manager aren’t supportive it can lead to burn out. Which makes sense. You spend more time in work than anywhere else, if you don’t feel supported in work it means you’re in a constant state of fight or flight which is quite literally exhausting your body.

You’re not proud of what you do

In an ideal world we’d all manage to combine hobbies and passions with our jobs. But unfortunately that’s not real life. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be challenged and proud of what you achieve on a weekly basis. If you start to find a job that you once loved mundane and no longer something you’re proud of, you could be suffering from extreme work burn out.

You’re afraid to make mistakes

If you’re at a point where you’re striving to constantly be perfect in the workplace then it might be time to look at your situation. Of course you should always do your best in the workplace, but having an unrealistic sense of what’s managable can be a sign of burn out. If you’re afraid to make mistakes it means you’ll never think outside the box and you’ll find it harder to excel. Something to think about

You have no social life

Is it because you’re always working or is it because you’re just so exhausted you don’t want to seee friends and family? When you stop doing things you previously loved or stop seeing the people you love it’s time to look at your circumstances.

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