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5 Ways To Maintain That Holiday Feeling

Keep that holiday headspace alive and well with these top tips

You know the drill. We all know the drill. You’ve come back from two weeks leave and are feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. While also determined to maintain that lovely holiday feeling you cultivated over the last two weeks. Slow mornings, lunch hour walks and chats with friends are key you decide. And then real life hits and within four weeks it’s like you’ve never been away. Does that sound familiar? If so, then you need to adopt a new approach to the post-holiday blues. By paying attention to changes while they’re actually happening.

If you want to maintain that holiday feeling, then you need to read these five top tips.

Set a trigger

No, not at a colleague, for yourself. There’s a school of neuro-linguistic thought that believes if you do the same movement every time you’re feeling calm, in the moment or happy, then every time you do that movement the same feelings will flood back. So, the next time you’re on a sunny balcony drinking a lazy coffee or gazing at a sunset over a beach, try to do the same pattern with your fingers. Maybe you touch your temple, maybe you tap your index fingers, whatever you do, do it consistently throughout the holiday and try to keep it up once you get home. We promise it will bring back that over riding sense of happiness and calm.

Take a moment

When we get away from the humdrum routine of everyday life, our minds start to settle, which in turns helps us see the bigger picture. If you’ve ever been lounging on a sunbed dozing behind a parasol and suddenly had an understanding of why a situation unfolded the way it did, then you understand. Once you stop focussing on the small you start seeing the big. So, while on holiday take advantage of this. Start writing plans, setting  goals, or writing a to do list of things that will help you when you get  home. Maybe it’s an idea for a work project, maybe it’s the feeling that you need a new job entirely, whatever it is, you need to sit and write. Then, once you’re home, start working your way through the list to keep the ‘anything is possible’ feeling alive.

Explore your everyday

Is there a museum or a restaurant that you walk by every day on your way to or from work, and always wonder about? Then go in and explore, or book that table. The thing we do best on holiday is give in to impulses. We’ve fully left our real lives behind, so there’s no little voice saying no to out of the ordinary suggestions. Why should you listen to that voice once you’re home? If you want to go and have a pizza at lunchtime, what’s stopping you? If you want idle away a Saturday afternoon wandering around a gallery who’s saying you can’t? By exploring the everyday you keep that sense of curiosity and impulsiveness alive.

Create a playlist

Music brings back memories, so by creating a curated playlist of all the songs that remind you of your holiday, you’re immediately brought back there. This also works with books, clothes and even conversations! And it brings you out of your head for a moment and let’s you be more mindful.

Take a digital detox

On holiday you’re less likely to be glued to a screen. Whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, it’s unlikely you’ll be watching your worked-hard for holiday through a screen. So why not adopt the same principle at home? Even for one or two days a week. Set yourself an activity, and leave your phone at home. Or, be a brave soul and turn it off altogether for a digital detox!

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