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5 Things To Do When You Wake Up That’s Not Looking At Your Phone

Do you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up and lose yourself in social media and emails? Why not adopt some new morning habits to cut your screen time and start your day on a better note?

We all know we need to spend less time online and reduce screen time, but it can be hard. Our whole lives are on our phones. From booking gym classes to checking our bank balance and bus timetables, we reach for our phones constantly. The benefits of starting your day a different way are huge, and the changes aren’t actually as big as you might think.

Wake naturally

It’s all too easy to scroll through Facebook when your phone is already in your hand because you’ve had to turn off an alarm clock. So instead why not utilise the bright mornings and let yourself wake naturally? We get that if you have to make a certain bus that may not be an option, but if your schedule allows for a little flexibility then let the light wake you naturally. You’ll wake at a better stage of your sleep cycle so should be better suited to face the day ahead.

Walk it off

Grab a dog, be it yours or your neighbours, and go for a quick walk before starting your day. We promise nobody will turn down the offer of help with a dog. While reconnecting with something in the outdoors will calm you down and get you in the right mindset to face your day. And never mind the mental benefits, a quick 20 minute walk in the morning will help your mental health too.

Try the power hour

A recent study in the Journal of Physiology found exercising before breakfast energises the body and supports a better all-day metabolism. So if you can, hit the gym or the local park for a workout before you head to work. Keep yourself motivated and escape excuses by packing everything the night before and laying out your workout clothes before you go to bed. You’ll thank us. We promise.

Hack your chores

Hate hanging out washing or hoovering? Then do it first thing! Research proves that by tackling your least favourable task first thing in the morning you’re setting yourself up with a sense of achievement before you’ve even left the house.

Find entertainment

Instead of scrolling through your phone on the commute why not entertain yourself? Either read a book, listen to a podcast or try a meditation app. The average commute is between 30 – 60 minutes so why not use it to better yourself?



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