6 ways your phone can improve your mental health

6 Ways Your Phone Can Improve Your Mental Health

Think all time spent on your phone is wasted? Think again! It’s possible to use your phone to improve your mental health

We know all about the dangers of social media and the negative effect it can have on our mental health, but did you ever think of the positive ways your phone can help you? Here’s six ways your phone can actually improve your mental health.

Follow inspirational Instagram accounts

Instead of using Instagram to feel bad about yourself, follow accounts that inspire you to slow down, live your best life or exercise. Using social media to compare your life to others is not good for your mental health, we all know this, so instead use it to be inspired. If you see others slowing down and taking time for self care you’ll be more inclined to do the same.

Listen to podcasts

Learn a new skill, listen to inspiring interviews, hear from like minded people. Podcasts have never been more popular and are a great way to multi task while opening your mind to new thoughts and ways of thinking. Here’s our five favourites for the commute.

Download meditation apps

Use your phone for good by learning a new skill such as how to meditate. There are dozens of free and paid options available ranging in time from three minutes to an hour. Try them all and find the one that suits you best. Here’s our favourites.

Use online painting sites

We know that adult colouring books are a thing, but instead of carrying around a portable colouring kit why not colour online on your phone or tablet? The meditative effects are still the same.

Download a social media blocking app

If you don’t trust yourself or don’t feel the shame from Apple’s new screen time feature then download an app to keep you away from social media. These apps do exactly what they say promise, and stop you from wasting time on social media. Stay motivated by using that time to do something else, write, exercise or catch up with friends in person.

Play games

Not with people through text messages! But playing games like Sudoku, Scrabble and other numerical games online can help your brain stay healthy and agile. If you commute on public transport instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media apps, play games.

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