easy ways to make time for yoga

7 Easy Ways To Find Time For Yoga

It’s no secret that Yoga is good for our health. So why is it so hard to find the time to do more of that every day? Ultimately it’s our own responsibility to prioritise our self care so here’s seven ways to ensure you never miss out 

Life is busy. Or maybe busy is just a state of mind. Either way, all this business can make it difficult to do the things that we innately know will serve our higher good. Sometimes it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get stuff done. So how are we meant to make time for yoga?

Day to day living, like looking after our children, going to work, cooking meals and keeping our appointments can all clock up a lot of hours in our day. So even though in the background we are aware of our health and happiness, how can we be more proactive in it? How can we continue to adhere to our jam packed schedules whilst also prioritising our daily practice?

By adopting seven simple hacks, that’s how.

1 Schedule

So this may sound obvious, but realistically, if something isn’t in your diary it’s not likely to get done. So, every Sunday evening, take a look at your week ahead and see where you can schedule in some time for yoga. Start to get organised about your self care. If you want to reap the benefits, then you need to actively carve out time for the practice. No excuses.

2 Spread It Out

You don’t have to do a full one hour block practice. While that might be the preferred choice, it’s often just not feasible. So throughout your day, spread out your practice. Start with meditation in the morning before work or before your family wakes up. Maybe squeeze in a gentle stretch before lunch or when your baby naps. In the evening, spend some time winding down and stretching out before bed. Small amounts of yoga more regularly are just as beneficial.

3 Say NO!

Often the more we say ‘No’ to others, we are really saying ‘Yes’ to ourselves. Taking time for you and your yoga practice isn’t selfish. It isn’t a luxury that you should feel guilty about. It’s a necessity for your health. It’s valuable for your wellbeing. You will be of much better service to others if you look after yourself first.

4 Out And About

Yoga doesn’t have to be confined to the four corners of your yoga mat. While standing in a line queuing, check in with your posture and grow tall through your spine. When playing with your children, get down on the ground and sit cross legged. When you are waiting in traffic, bring your attention to your breath. While you are sitting at your desk, kick off your shoes and rotate your ankles, stretching your toes. You can be practicing yoga all day every day if you put your mind to it.

5 Delay Gratification

This is a concept where you hold off on doing the easy activity first. For example, if you love to watch a Netflix show every evening, wait until after your yoga practice. Or if you always start your day with a coffee, have a gentle stretch beforehand. Resisting the temptation of an immediate reward will, in fact, strengthen your self control and will-power.

6 Stop Scrolling!

If you have time to scroll through social media, then you absolutely have time to practice yoga. Cut back on the time you spend on your phone or device and dedicate it instead to moving your body.  Don’t waste any more precious valuable moments by mindlessly flicking through stranger’s profiles, spam emails or old messages. Time spent on the mat is much more beneficial.

7 Book A Class

Connect with your local yoga community and see what kind of classes are on nearby. This is a great way to meet like minded people and other yoga enthusiasts that will help you stay committed to your practice. Arranging to go to a yoga class with a friend will hold you accountable and less likely to skip it or cancel.


Julie Hyde is dedicated to inspiring others to live their healthiest and happiest lives through the power of Yoga. Julie completed her 200hr yoga teacher training and continued to study restorative yoga and sports yoga. She also holds a cert IV in Ayurveda lifestyle and diploma in vegetarian and vegan nutrition. For more information visit juliehydeyoga.com 

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