7 ways to turn a goal into a reality

7 Things You Need To Do To Make A Goal A Reality

Are you a goal digger? Do you set big goals each year and then get to this stage and wonder where it all went wrong? You’re not alone. So instead of lamenting goals we haven’t achieved, we’re here with practical advice. In fact, we’re here with the seven things you need to do to make a goal a reality.

There’s no point dreaming big if you don’t also plan, after all it’s hard work that often makes the dream happen. So, instead of sitting passively by, here’s seven tips you can follow to turn goals into a reality.

Understand why

Why do you want to achieve this goal? It may seem like a simple question but if you can’t tell yourself why it’s important how are you going to convince yourself to work hard for it? Take some time to sit and really take stock. Is this goal the next thing expected of you, or is it something that really sets your heart on fire? The two can be one and the same, but if your goal is getting a mortgage because it’s what your parents expect when really you want to run off to Thailand for six months your motivation won’t be quite the same. Know why you want to achieve your goals and the motivation will already be there.

Set measurable goals

It’s unrealistic to think you can go from zero to hero in a month, so instead set measurable goals. If this is the weekend you decide to run a marathon then this is the week you start training. Start off small but set measurable goals at which point you’ll feel motivated to continue.

Set a timeframe

Do you want to leave your job and set up your own business? Then list out what you need to do to make that possible, and then set it against a timeframe. Of course things will go slightly off plan, but by having a timeframe you at least are being held accountable to yourself. And can realistically adjust your plans as and when needed.

Share your goal with others

Never mind being accountable to yourself, being accountable to others is so much more motivating. Even better, try to team up with a pal. Especially if it’s for something like running a marathon or becoming a yoga teacher. If you’re in it together you’re more inclined to push through the bad stuff. Even if your goal is a little more personal, sharing it with friends and family means you’ll be more likely to stay focussed because they’ll always ask how you’re getting on.

Drop your expectations

If we’ve learned anything it’s that things don’t always go quite to plan. So drop your expectations of how you think your goal will look and enjoy the journey. If you’re rigidly stuck to only one frame of thought on what success looks like, you’ll end up missing a lot of adventures and opportunities along the way.

Know your Big Three

What three things can you do this week that will bring you closer to your goal? Knowing what your weekly targets are will help you stay focussed, make real progress and  feel like you’re working to achieve your goal. List them each Sunday and work to ensure you hit them each week.

Celebrate the small wins

If you ignore all the small victories between now and your goal’s competition you’ll have a really dull journey. Celebrate the little wins, because it’s the little wins that will eventually become the giant wins.

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