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8 Healthy Hacks: Eating Well While Travelling

Breaks away are well deserved, but often can be a bump in the road for those trying to develop good eating habits. Here’s eight healthy hacks to keep you on track while on the go

When it comes to travel, many people who are watching their food habits start thinking in advance how to maintain balanced eating and not to overindulge in unhealthy food. If you have the same thoughts in your head, I have prepared some healthy hacks that might help you while being on a journey. 

Healthy hacks

Prepare your travel snacks in advance

Knowing that you have a snack in your bag will make you feel less stressed about what to eat when you start feeling hungry. A small pack of nuts, fruits or vegetable sticks will do the trick. These foods are high in fibre and nutrition and will suppress your hunger until your next meal.

Avoid food on a plane

Do you know the secret of flight attendants to stay fresh after the flight? They don’t eat on a plane. It has been discovered that your digestive system shuts down when reaching a high altitude. So avoiding any food would reduce jet lag and make you feel better. Also, your taste sensitivity changes while being in the air so food provided on a plane has to be oversalted for you actually to feel its taste. This results in swollen legs and bloated belly after the flight and I bet you don’t want that. Try to have your meal two hours before the flight and stay light while on a plane.

Say “no” to sugary munchies

Sugary snacks make a massive spike in your insulin level, which harms your eating habit. You feel hungry again after a short time. So, back to point one, try to stick with healthy snacks that are high in protein and healthy fats.

Drink a lot of water

Make sure to always stay hydrated, especially on a plane. Bring your bottle or get one in a shop after security check and bring it onboard. You will probably want to visit the toilet more often so you might want to get an aisle seat to have easy access. Also, they say that it is easy to mistake thirst for hunger, so if you start feeling hungry drink a glass of water and see how you feel after 10 minutes. 

Have some entertainment with you

Keeping your brain busy with a book or a movie can put you away from food thoughts and the time will fly faster until you reach your destination. So think about your book or movie choices before you travel, or even download some podcasts and use your time wisely. 

Plan your eating in a foreign country  in advance

Checking the restaurant menu options before you head out will help you to plan your meal and feel more secure about meal selection. I personally always plan my dining out in advance as I have some diet restrictions and have to make sure there is an option for me on the menu. Apps like Tripadvisor will give you a better idea about the restaurant pricing and food quality so you will have a full picture before making your choice.

Stick with natural choices

Swapping a side of fries for a salad or getting baked chicken fillet instead of a burger will save you calories and fill you up with more nutrients. The same rule applies if you plan to cook yourself. It doesn’t mean the dish has to be boring – with the help of right spices and herbs you can get the full flavour of your meal.

Enjoy yourself

You need to make the most out of your trip and trying the local cuisine is one of the things on the list. Food in some countries may not be the healthiest and most nutritious but it’s all about moderation. Just remember about 80/20 rule and have a great time!

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