8 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

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Stay well with LloydsPharmacy’s top tips for a healthy winter

During winter, harsh weather can weaken our immune systems. Incidences of seasonal illness and viruses, such as flu, rise and can easily spread. Harsh weather can also aggravate our skin and chronic diseases such as asthma.

Understanding the preventative steps to avoid illness is really important. Here’s some tips to prepare yourself and the whole family for staying healthy in winter.

Get a free skin consultation

Just like the seasons, our skin requirements change. LloydsPharmacy offers a free skincare consultation with a fully trained skin specialist at all 91 stores nationwide. In addition, they also offer a free in depth skin analysis in five pilot stores. This analysis is done using their ‘Skin Analyser machine’, which tests for elasticity, pores, hydration, sebum, wrinkles, sensitivity, melanin and acne. It’s available in Blackrock SC, Nutgrove SC, Leopardstown SC, Supervalu SC, Blanchardstown and The Mill SC Clondalkin. A skin specialist will then provide you with a personalised skin treatment plan with recommended products and advice on a daily skincare regime.

Have a flu free winter

The flu vaccination is available at 52 LoydsPharmacy stores nationwide. While everyone should consider getting the flu vaccination, it is especially important (and free of charge) for persons over 65 and at-risk groups* aged between 18 and 64 who hold either a Medical Card, Doctor Visit Card, or have HAA eligibility. For any at-risk patients over 18 years who are ineligible for a previously mentioned scheme, a private flu vaccination will cost €15. For all other patients over 18 years who are not at-risk, the flu vaccination will cost €20. Prior to administration, a pharmacist will provide a consultation in a private care room to ensure suitability.

Think about taking supplements

It is always important to try get as much of your nutrients from your food as possible, however with our busy lifestyles and less sunlight hours during winter this can at times prove difficult. Whether it’s taking Revive Active or Pharmaton Active Life for extra energy or a good Vitamin D supplement to help with mood elevation, your local Lloyds pharmacist is available to provide advice on the right vitamins and supplements to take as part of a healthy diet.

Stop smoking

Research this year by the HSE indicates that over 1 million people have successfully quit smoking in Ireland. Speak to a pharmacist in any LloydsPharmacy for expert advice and support (in the privacy of a consultation room) in smoking cessation, smoking goals and withdrawal management.

Avail of free one-on-one health consultations

Your local pharmacist is a free, accessible source of healthcare advice. Whether it’s a chat about the correct vitamins or supplements to take, or you’re suffering from an ailment, your local pharmacy can provide a private, one-on-one consultation in a care room. Visiting your pharmacist could save expensive GP bills, and gives you quick peace of mind. In the last year, LloydsPharmacy colleagues have collectively undergone more than 17,000 hours of specialised training in heart health, skincare, seasonal health, flu, chronic disease management and prevention, and more, to ensure the highest industry standards, best healthcare and expert advice.

Take care of your heart

With over 10,000 lives lost every year heart disease is Ireland’s no. 1 killer and it’s never been more important to be aware of heart health. LloydsPharmacy has recently launched the new ‘Cardiovascular Age machine service, which measures vascular age and blood pressure. The machine is a free service and is being piloted in LloydsPharmacy Finglas, Omni SC, Kilbarrack SC, Castletroy SC and Northside SC. It is recommended to get a blood pressure check at least once a year.

Managing your asthma

Asthma symptoms can flare up in winter, so managing symptoms is extremely important. Visit your local Lloyds pharmacist for free advice on correct inhaler usage, to discuss your medication and receive tips and advice on how to manage your symptoms more effectively.

Be the Best Version of You

LloydsPharmacy’s Best Version of You campaign highlights the importance of preparing for winter and staying healthy. Trained colleagues can advise on preventing winter ailments, as well as winter medication and pain management, skin care, heart health, vitamins and supplements and more. So be sure to pop in and talk to the people that know all about becoming the Best Version of You this winter.

For more information visit www.lloydspharmacy.ie  or call into your local LloydsPharmacy store.

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