Shop The New Functional Fitness Range @ Aldi

If half the motivational battle comes down to equipment, then the functional fitness range landing at Aldi this weekend may help spur you on.

Motivation comes from lots of places, and nowhere more so than having nice gear to wear and nice accessories to help. But from a budget point of view that isn’t always possible. Until now. This Sunday, 5 August, the Aldi functional fitness range lands instore with prices rising no higher than €12.99.

Whether you work out or not this stuff is seriously comfortable!

Bluetooth earphones, €12.99

Athleisure Sports Bra Front €6.99.

Athleisure sports bra, €6.99

Athleisure Trousers €8.99..

Athleisure trousers, €8.99

Slogan Gym Bottle €3.99.

Slogan gym bottle, €3.99

Athleisure Top €4.99..

Athleisure top, €4.99

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