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3 of the best audiobooks to fall asleep to

First we had adult colouring books, and now adult bedtime stories are a thing. So if you want to fall asleep to the dulcet tones of a narrated book here’s three of the best audio books to fall asleep to.

Adult colouring books made sense. Mindfulness is described as activity done to the exclusion of all others, which sums up colouring. And now adult bedtime stories are growing in popularity. Mostly because it’s more in tune with how our body shuts down.

“As we sleep, our hearing sense is one of the last things to shut down,” explains Hope Bastine, resident psychologist for sleep technology brand, Simba. “It’s also the first sense to come back in the morning – which is why hearing the birds chirping is often what bring your mind to consciousness. Using audio in the evening habitually helps to systematically shut down the rest of the senses and better prepares the mind and body for that familiar sleep state.”

So what choices should you make?

Firstly make sure you find the narrator’s voice soothing and secondly that the story isn’t too full of twists and turns. You need to be comfortable that if you doze off for a page or two you won’t lose the plot. Literally!

Here’s three of our favourites that appeal to everyone.

Harry Potter narrated by Stephen Fry

We all know the story of Harry Potter, the boy who lived, which means dozing off during large sections won’t ruin the surprise of (spoiler alert) Snape being a goody. Plus the fact that it’s a childhood story makes it more likely for us to relax. Stephen Fry’s narration is just the icing on the cake.


I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings narrated by Maya Angelou

She was Oprah’s mentor and if the words of Maya Angelou soothe the mighty O then they’re good enough for us. This autobiography is an incredible read as is, but when narrated in Maya Angelou’s deliciously deep voice it’s the antidote to every day stress.

The Alchemist narrated by Jeremy Irons

Paulo Coelho’s life changing story in the hands of Jeremy Irons is almost too good to ignore, yet the soothing voice and the simple story really works as a bedtime solution. The fact that the lessons of the story have time to percolate overnight is an added bonus.

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