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This Avocado Hack Will Change Everything

You love avocado, we love avocado, everybody loves avocado. But did you know that you’re probably not eating it properly? Seriously. You’re probably throwing away the best bit and this avocado hack is set to change everything.

Confused, yeah were too. Avocados are our go too healthy food. Hungover? Have avo on toast. Going to brunch? Get smashed avo and eggs. Looking to jazz up a mid-week dinner? Make some guac. Basically we eat avocado constantly feeling smug every time as we know it’s full of things that are good for our bodies. But this avocado hack has changed everything.

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But what do you do with the seed?

We either throw it away or leave it in a half to stop it going brown. Until now.

Basically, the seed is where all the magic happens! We know avocados are full of anti-oxdiants, and 70% of those anti oxidants are in the seed. So, instead of throwing them away, crush them up and add to smoothies or juices. The taste is quite bitter so best to pair it with something delicious!

You’re welcome!


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