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Beat Digital Eye-Strain With Ambr Eyewear

And win one of 10 pairs of Ambr Eyewear glasses we have to give away, thanks to the the Dublin-based company!

Digital eye-strain is a very real condition provoked by blue light, so we’ve teamed up with Ambr Eyewear to give away ten pairs of beautiful glasses which block blue light, the artificial light from screens.

Ambr Eyewear was founded in 2017 by Dan Nugent and Sacha Cahill. As two people working in the tech sector, digital eye-strain was an everyday issue. After reading articles describing the potential effects of blue light from screens, the pair realised that this common issue could be solved with a range of eyewear that could block this harmful light and relieve strain issues. However, what solely existed on the market were ugly, orange-tinted gamer glasses.


Dan Nugent and Sacha Cahill from Ambr Eyewear
Dan Nugent and Sacha Cahill from Ambr Eyewear

Pairing their passion for business and design, Dan and Sacha created a range of stylish glasses for screens. By treating the product as a fashion accessory just as much as a health accessory, and most importantly incorporating a clear lens, Ambr Eyewear quickly became a much talked about product and has continued to do so ever since.

What is digital eye-strain?

 If you’re somebody who spends a lot of time on laptops, phones or tablets; you may have noticed the symptoms of what we call ‘digital eye-strain’. 

Provoked by blue light, digital eye-strain is the collective term for screen-induced headaches and migraines, dry and sore eyes and, probably most interestingly, sleep disorders. Excessive exposure to blue light reduces the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. 

Lennox, from €55, Ambr Eyewear

Even more worryingly, there’s strong research to suggest that long-term blue light exposure can accelerate macular degeneration and blindness. By blocking this blue light, Ambr’s customers can expect relief from short-term side-effects and protect against the potential long-term ones.

Not only do Ambr Eyewear’s glasses protect against blue light and glare, but they look like regular glasses and are also available in 35 stylish and quirky designs. The glasses can be worn by those with or without perfect eyesight, as the company provides both prescription and non-prescription.

Where can I buy Ambr Eyewear?

Ambr Eyewear’s glasses are available on their website ambreyewear.com and they’re also available in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street.

Asteri, from €55,  Ambr Eyewear

This article is sponsored by Amr Eyewear. 

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