how to beat hayfever

4 ways to beat hayfever

Losing your summer evenings to hayfever attacks? Here’s four health hacks to help you beat hayfever.

News that the pollen count is to reach a 20-year high has us reaching for the tissues as hay fever attacks with gusto. You know the drill: itchy eyes, scratchy throats and runny noses. All of which have ruined many a summer outing for one in 10. So what can you do to beat hayfever?

Well obviously antihistamines are a possible solution in the fight to beat hayfever, but if you’d rather stick to natural solutions, here’s four to try

Get informed

Download pollen apps so you can plan around days with high pollen counts. We know it sounds obvious but if you’re planning a weekend BBQ deciding between Friday or Saturday depending on the pollen will make a difference.

Change your schedule

Summer runs in the park may sounds lovely, but all that nature may not agree with you. So, either opt to run on main roads away from greenery or plan your run for after 10am or after sunset when pollen will be at its lowest of the day

Avoid stress

Avoiding stress may sound a little like avoiding traffic during rush hour, but avoiding stressful situations when suffering from hay fever will make a difference. If it’s a little too late, back bending yoga poses can really help your symptoms. Try bridge pose or full wheel depending on your practice.

Be clever

If your commute or workout brings you through areas of high pollen make sure to wash clothes once you get home, and wash yourself to make sure you’re not transferring pollen from your clothes to your pillow.


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