Beat the 9-5 Rut

It’s not your job’s fault you don’t work out, it’s yours! Or so says Zach Hervato

As a former international ice hockey player and personal trainer for high-end athletes who has just recently entered the 9-5 world, I get asked a lot of questions about how hard the adjustment has been and how hard it is for me to be physically stagnant throughout the day. Everyone seems to automatically think working a 9-5 ruins your ability to stay healthy and fit. That is completely false.

I believe I adjusted to this new schedule because I was determined to maintain an element of my life which I dedicated to exercise, so I could escape stress an replenish my mind and body. So while in my previous life I only worked four hours a day and didn’t have to multi-task or deal with stressful clients, I now work 9-6 Monday to Friday and am in the best shape of my life. How, people ask? How do you work when you train so hard, how do you train when you work so hard?

My answer is always the same, through planning, dedication, motivation and finding something you love. Here are my three tips to maintain a fitness regime while working.

Make A Choice  

There are seven days in a week, that’s 168 hours. You work anywhere between 35-50 hours each week and can tag on more hours for grocery shopping, cooking and other duties that take place outside the office. But when you look at it, you notice how many hours there are and how much time you can set aside to stay active. Yes, getting in shape is hard. Yes it sucks getting out of bed to train before work or going to the gym after a long day but most of us can set aside 45 minutes to one hour a day to sweat. Most of us just choose not to. Make the choice that you will.

Stay Prepared

I am an early riser, I’m up between 5:30 and 5:45am. I have an apple with peanut butter and train before work. I do this 5 to 6 days a week and I don’t hit snooze on my alarm. If I go to bed a little later I don’t roll over and set my alarm for an hour later to sleep, I get up no matter what and guess what? I also don’t fall asleep in work. My body clock is now used to this routine and has adapted.

Staying fit is as much mental as it is physical, I guarantee once you keep the same routine for a few weeks you won’t break it. A huge part of this is your ability and self-discipline to stay organized. I meal plan on Sundays, prepare my breakfast the night before, and organize the little things in my life to allow me to make time to train. Do the same to fit in with your schedule and you’ll notice how much easier it is to train.

Set A Goal

People go to a gym for many different reasons, but the desire to look better is a common goal and making training fun is how you’ll stay interested in an active lifestyle. Set yourself specific goals such as running a mile under a certain time or squatting a certain weight. Achieving goals helps you see results, seeing the results helps you get motivated to see more results and that’s what makes training fun. Getting bored is not a good thing, so keep changing your fitness regime to keep your body guessing and your interest invested.


Zach is a part of the business development team at EazySAFE where he is a dedicated account manager. His interest in fitness and wellbeing comes from his background as a professional ice hockey player. For more information visit eazysafe.com 


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