3 benefits of a retreat

3 Surprising Benefits Of A Retreat

Would you love to get away from the day to day grind and discover what you really want from life? Then a retreat may be the answer. And not only for the reasons you think.

Vicky Shilling of The Reset, discusses three surprising benefits of a retreat that only became clear after she ran her first one!

Meeting like-minded people will take you further

Above and beyond anything else we took away from the weekend was how much the group of women we had brought together really learned and gained from one another.

We had spent a lot of time shaping the workshops for the weekend. Considering all the questions and problems we know that women face today and how we could help them overcome their difficulties. But what we totally underestimated was the power of the group to answer questions and give help and support to one another.

Attending a retreat will connect you with people facing similar challenges to you. They might be at a different stage in their life or have taken a different path, but their stories, experiences and words of encouragement will be exactly what you need to make changes in your own life.

You get time to think about what you really want

Our first workshop at The Reset is a look at where you are now in your life and a chance to decide if there are particular areas that you’d like to make changes in.

How often do you get to do that? Sit in a beautiful space, with a whole weekend ahead of you, and really drill down into what you would like to focus on in your life and if there are things you want to change and improve.

It was a real eye-opener for some of the women who joined us. When confronted with the time and space we offered a lot of them said “I’m not sure what I want, I’ve never thought about it!”

Having the time to step-back, away from our daily routines and responsibilities and really connect with what makes us happy and what we want to change is a luxury that we should all be able to access in order to feel more fulfilled.

You’ll realise you are enough already

Despite all the talk of goal setting and ambitions for the future, a retreat is the perfect opportunity to feel immensely proud of where you are already.

In the course of a normal life we often don’t take enough moments to acknowledge what we have already achieved and how far we’ve come.

Through our workshops, the conversations with others and a particularly moving yoga session the women on our retreat came away from the weekend realising they were already enough. They didn’t have to meet any more targets, compare themselves to others or feel there was more to do in a bid to ‘have it all’. They were already doing amazing things in their own ways on their own terms.

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