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3 Benefits Of Joining A Gym

Joining a gym is intimidating, we get it. But is also brings with it a whole load of benefits, here’s just three benefits of joining a gym

You may already know the benefits of regular exercise. Benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk of injury and illness, promotion of weight loss and increased energy levels.  Likewise, exercise plays a major role in your mental health; helping you lead a happier life by improving mood levels, decreasing anxiety, lowering stress and aiding better sleep.

However, did you know that regular exercise has also been shown to improve people’s social life? Boosting their motivation to stay active?

Here’s how the social side of exercise can help you achieve your fitness goals faster from the experts at Gym Plus Ireland.

Become part of a team in a group exercise class

One of the best ways to meet new people is by participating in a group exercise class. It’s easier to achieve your fitness goals when you feel part of a team. Class members thrive off the energy in the group, helping push each other harder than they would training alone

As well as the motivational support from your team, the class environment allows you to access the professional guidance of a certified instructor who can personalise your exercise and improve your form. Furthermore, building an exercise class into your regular exercise routine is a great way to boost your workout.

Ultimately, group fitness classes are fun. From the energetic music to the encouragement from your classmates, it’s an enjoyable way to exercise and the perfect environment to be naturally social.

Find an exercise buddy at the gym

Joining a gym is a great way to improve your social life. The atmosphere in the gym is energetic, fun and friendly; the ideal environment to meet like-minded people.  Gym goers are happy to share their experiences and motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals whether it be weight loss, training for an event or improving flexibility.

Research has shown that finding an exercise companion increases the amount of exercise people take. The frequency increases even more so when there is emotional support from that exercise partner. Therefore, having a gym buddy can help you stay committed to fitness, have fun while working out and ultimately help you achieve your goals faster.

Take up a fitness challenge

Engaging in fitness challenges can help you connect with larger groups of people. Whether it’s through social media, a fitness app or a challenge posted by the Gym Plus Team. You can choose challenges that are one-on-one, one versus a group or a team versus a team challenge.

There are also many different types of fitness challenges to choose from such as walking a set number of steps in 30 days, training for a 5k run or team workouts.     You get to become part of a fun fitness community and this sense of community and spirit of competition can help you achieve your goals faster. Some fitness challenges have added incentives such as earning points, prizes or ranking performances to boost your motivation.

For more information about the many benefits of becoming a Gym Plus member visit www.gymplus.ie.  With 8 gyms to choose from around the country as well as unlimited 1:1 trainer support and free classes you won’t be disappointed.

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