Benefits of pineapples

Should you add pineapples to your diet?

Forget avocados, pineapples are set to be the hottest fruit this summer. Seriously! The benefits of pineapples are huge never mind their versatility. Say hello to your new summer obsession

Sit back – the humble pineapple has surpassed the avocado in popuarity! Supermarkets in the UK have said that the this tropical fruit has the fastest growing sales, up by 15% last year. Pineapples are viewed as versatile ingredients used in curries, meat marinades, fruit salad and smoothies. Plus, the benefits of pineapples are many fold.

Discovered back in 1493, it originated from Paraguay and Brazil, and brought to Europe by Colombus. Pineapples were introduced by Portuguese and Indian explorers into Asian, American and Indian colonies at the end of the 16th century, when it was discovered that they could flourish outside the tropics. Pineapples are grown in soil with every pineapple plant producing only 1 pineapple a year. Southeast Asia now provides the majority of the world’s pineapples  with “James Dole considered the Kind of Pineapples”.

Pineapples are rich sources of vitamin C and manganese (helps build collagen). They’re also a good source of vitamin B and fibre. And contain an enzyme (bromelain) that breaks down protein, meaning it can affect your taste buds so is a great palate cleanser in between meals.

How to use them

  • Smoothies: Add 200g of pineapple, with low fat coconut milk, 3 x kiwis
  • Coleslaw: Spice up coleslaw by adding chopped pineapples to shredded onion, carrots, white cabbage, chopped garlic, coriander, chilli, honey and ginger
  • Use to marinate meat before barbeques
  • Salsas: chop pineapple finely with chopped red pepper, red onion, coriander and tomato. Use on grilled meats
  • Try in curries, kebabs, tacos with vegetables and fish/shellfish
  • Use with mangos and bananas in sorbets
  • Add to a tropical fruit salad with star fruit, kiwis, mixed berries, watermelon and cantaloupe
  • Pina Colada!!


Roisin Gowan is a registered senior paediatric dietitian in Ireland’s biggest Children’s Hospital. She is passionate and committed in providing the best service for families with children throughout all paediatric stages. For more information visit roisingowan.com

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