6 reasons to drink bone broth

Bone broth is currently making waves on the foodie scene, but in reality this liquid gold has been on the menu across many cultures and cuisines since the dawn of time. And with good reason, too!

Read on to discover six reasons why you should consider adding bone broth into your diet…

It’s good for your gut

When prepared correctly, bone broth contains high levels of gelatin, which has been said to act towards promoting a healthy gut. Containing quantities of amino acids, it can reduce inflammation and improve digestion, benefiting those who suffer with IBS and even some food intolerances.  

It can strengthen your immune system

Chicken soup isn’t just good for the soul, you know! There is a reason why it is known as the go-to for those feeling under the weather. Parents and doctors all over the world reach for bone broth to soothe a sick tummy and boost immunity. Bone broth is nutrient dense, contains a high concentration of minerals, is easy to digest and can boost healing. Some studies have found that persons with autoimmune disorders can experience relief from drinking broth. When made right, this nourishing drink can help nurse you back to health.

It’s good for your joints

It is only natural, as we get older, that we begin to notice some wear and tear on our joints. While we don’t claim that bone broth alone can prevent or cure this, there is evidence that the glucosamine and chondrotitin found in bone broth can act as an aid in the relief of conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

It’s the ultimate beauty balm

Bones are powerhouses of natural gelatin, and can help promote an increase in the production of collagen in the body. And as we know, collagen can brighten your skin, strengthen your nails and make your hair super glossy. Not only that, it can also help fight against ageing by working to improving elasticity in the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and towing the anti-aging line. Drink up!

It’s delicious

Let’s face it, we can spend all day telling you how great bone broth is for you, but if it doesn’t taste good how long is it likely to remain in your diet? Thankfully, bone broth is delicious! It is beautiful on its own as a warm and restorative drink, or you can mix it up by adding some fresh herbs or spices. It also works as a beautiful base for ramen, gives great depth as a stock in soups and stews, and adds a beautiful richness to rice and grains. Don’t believe us? Check out this recipe for Italian wedding soup.

Improved Moods/Better Sleep

Who wouldn’t want to feel and sleep better? The glycine in bone broth can help aid a restful sleep, so you can sip your way to sweet dreams.


Taken from Sadie’s Kitchen. For more information visit sadieskitchen.ie