breathing practice for stress

Did You Know You Can Beat Stress With a Breathing Practice?

When everything is getting too much, take a minute and try this breathing practice. We promise it will help you calm right down

Do you have a breathing practice? And did you know controlled breathing can really help with stress?

The yogis among us will be familiar with alternate nostril breathing. But have you ever taken it off the mat? To your desk, or your kitchen? Your car or even the bus? In moments of high stress, being able to soothe and calm yourself is invaluable. Never mid the fact that taking a few minutes out will help you deal with a crisis in a more measured way.

If you’ve never tried a breathing practice before or have never heard of alternate nostril breathing then check out this video from Yoga With Adriene which shows how easy this breathing practice is.

We’re all set to start a breathing revolution with this one!




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