WellFest 2018

So What is ‘Change Your Health Direction’?

Lisa Walsh explains all there is to know about LloydsPharmacy’s Change Your Health Direction programme.

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to put a healthy spring in our step in preparation for summer. It’s time to check in and align our health goals with our lifestyles. And to stay on track with everyday healthy living and wellbeing practices.

I know after a winter spent eating, watching TV and cuddling the couch, I’m absolutely ready to embrace the outdoors again. I want to increase my exercise levels, monitor my immune system, care for my skin and focus on eating a balanced nutritious diet.  The first step is to meet with my LloydsPharmacy Health Coach and set realistic achievable goals as part of the CYHD programme.

What is the Change Your Health Direction programme?

The Change Your Health Direction (CYHD) is a free 8-week programme aimed at improving our health. It offers you the opportunity to visit your local LloydsPharmacy and speak with a trained in-store coach on a weekly basis about your health goals.

The in-store health advisory services include smoking cessation support, blood pressure and BMI checks, weight management diary, skincare advice, lifestyle and health coaching sessions.

Why do it?

I’m super excited to be part of the ‘Change Your Health Direction’ 8 week programme. What I adore about CYHD is that it gives me eight weeks to monitor my healthy habits. With the support of a health coach. And it’s free! 

Yes, I can have a one-to one mini consultation session with the CYHD coach on a weekly basis all for free!

Small changes can make a big difference. As we step toward summer, whatever health changes you choose to focus on, your LloydsPharmacy Health Coach will support you. So come on, let’s introduce healthier habits to your lifestyle annd boost your personal health and wellbeing.

Lisa Walsh is a life coach and training specialist for LloydsPharmacy, official pharmacy partner of WellFest 2018. 

If you’re going to WellFest 2018, pop over to their stand to avail of a selection of their FREE services. Which includes checks such as skincare consultations and cardiovascular age checks. You can also sign up to their CYHD programme at the festival. To find out more and to book, head to wellfest.ie

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