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7 Christmas Gifts For The Yogi In Your Life

It’s time to stop buying presents for yourself and start shopping in earnest for the other people in your life. So what do you buy your yogi friend? Here’s seven Christmas gifts for a yoga fan

The mat

Because sometimes you need somebody else to invest in you! If your friend is new to yoga invest in a good mat for them, like this reversible one from Lulelemon. Which is designed with a little extra cushion for your hips and knees during floor poses.

The 5mm reversible mat, €78, Lulelemon

The treat

NEOM is one of those brands that we’ll buy for ourselves but prefer to get from others, and its Christmas offerings this year are nothing short of inspired. These are scents that make a difference, 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body, made in Britain from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, only natural & organic ingredients.

Ultimate Dreamy Sleep Collection (sleeve)

Ultimate Dreamy Sleep Collection, €120, NEOM 

The experience

Gift your friend the largest and best immersive health and wellness experience in Ireland, tickets to WellFest 2019 in association with KBC. Taking place on 11-12 May 2019 in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham Dublin, the two-day event will feature 150 of the world’s best health and wellness experts. Practice with some of the world’s most inspiring yogis from Ireland and abroad in the dedicated WellYoga area and on the KBC main stage. With workshops in different styles and levels of yoga, WellFest 2019 would suit beginners and more experienced yogis alike. The weekend will also feature fitness, food, mindset and more. It’s not to be missed!

WellYoga WellFest 2018 in association KBC

Second release weekend tickets, €65, wellfest.ie/festival 

The at-home teacher

Practising at home is hard, and finding a way to change up your flow is even harder. Thanksfully Wellfest favourite YogaRu is on hand with a set of sequencing cards that means every flow will be different. Ideal for those new to yoga or those stuck in a rut. Each card has alignment cues, levels guide, anatomy coding, and Sanskrit/English asana names.


108 Asana cards, €32, Yogaru

The practical gift

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring!

Chilly's - Pink flamingo print reusable bottle €35

Flamingo water bottle, €35, Chilly’s @ Debenhams

The gift that keeps on giving

The perfect present for somebody who needs a daily reminder!

Yoga calendar


The life changer

If you want to change your world then you need to change how you view it, right? Then this is the journal to help with that.

The Universe Has Your Back Journal

The Universe Has Your Back Journal, €10.44, Blackwell’s

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