WellFest 2018

What Is CocoBrew and Where Can I Find It?

One of our favourite foodie brands, we’re delighted to welcome Cocobrew back to WellFest for it’s fourth year. We’ll see you all at the vintage VW Kombi van!

First things first, Cocobrew is a specialty coffee and superfood brand sold around the country from a vintage VW Kombi van. Or from our cafe in Temple Bar.

But who are they?

They are an Irish company, established in the summer of 2015 by Tony Divito. The brand was born in the VW van, and since launching has received a huge amount of recognition from the health and fitness industry.  Tony says: “My background is in the food and fitness industries. I am a qualified cross fit coach and have worked in Australia and Ireland, training both men and women to not improve their strength and fitness. And also to improve their diets and nutrition; this is when I decided to develop Cocobrew.”

What do they sell?

Well, alongside selling their superfood range, speciality coffees, handmade treats and snacks; Tony has also developed his own healthy brew. A drink that’s becoming hugely popular with both coffee lovers and the more health conscious among us.

“Cocobrew is a healthy coffee that I spent years developing, made with MCT oil, cacao butter and speciality coffee beans, it’s basically coffee that is good for you. Cocobrew coffee tastes smooth, creamy and delicious.  It is quite literally a meal  in a cup” says Tony.

What are the benefits?

  • Long lasting clean energy
  • Sharp mental focus
  • Burns fat and helps retain lean muscle mass
  • Eliminates energy crashes associated with other caffeinated and sugary drinks
  • Leaves you feeling full until your next meal

Tony believes that you get out of your body what you put into it.

Why do they love WellFest?

Well firstly who doesn’t love WellFest? But, for Cocobrew, who started in 2015, WellFest was a great experience and opportunity to get their brand out to the people. Tony says: “We started Cocobrew in the summer of 2015.  That summer was spent bringing our coffee to festivals, markets, private events and weddings around the country in our VW kombi. We signed up to do Wellfest not really knowing what to expect.  We loved the sound of an event that was focused on health and wellbeing. The first Wellfest was such a great day, the atmosphere and people at it were all brilliant. We knew then that we would definitely want to be part of future Wellfests!  Since Wellfest started in 2015, we have been part of it each year, providing our signature Cocobrew coffee, range of specialty coffees and hand made treats! Our style is simple – we aim to serve the best brews alongside a healthy snack option!”

For any inquiries to have Cocobrew a your event just drop us an email at [email protected] or pop into our Temple Bar Café for a coffee and a chat.

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