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3 Of The Most Common Spinning Mistakes

Are these common spinning mistakes preventing you from getting the most out of classes?

Spinning is a love hate sort of exercise, with many of us trapped in a love hate relationship with it. So, if you’re going to spinning regularly and not seeing any drastic results, maybe it’s because you’re making these common spinning mistakes.

Not pushing yourself

Spin is one of those rare classes when you really are in control of how hard and how fast you push yourself. Are you guilty of perhaps slacking off on the resistance? Do you turn the dial once to the right instead of twice like the instructor suggested? If you don’t push yourself harder each time you’re going to plateau and stop seeing results. What’s a general rule of thumb?

Try to look out for a  good sweat, raised heart rate and breathlessness, as thesee are generally pretty good indications of hard work in a given ride,” says Cydney Lebovitz, a Canadian spinning performance coach. “If it’s feeling easy, turn the knob until you’re feeling it in your legs,” she says.

Lebovitz says to compare your workouts too, and remember where on the dial you worked. “As a general rule, if the power average does not seem to be improving over say 10 or more rides, the rider is probably not using enough power.”

You’re going too fast too soon

Do you find yourself exhausted halfway through a spin class? Then you’re using up too much energy at the beginning and not leaving yourself enough for the end. A good spin class should include a warm up, cool down, strength portion and cardio portion so if you’re missing one whole section of the class because you’re too wasted to continue, you’re not getting a rounded workout.

Drinking too little water

“If you’re not hydrated enough, the body can’t properly do its job to cool itself down. In extreme cases, lightheadedness can occur if a rider is dehydrated,” says Lebovitz. So, are you drinking little and often and making sure you’re hydrated enough?

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