Core finisher Philly McMahon
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Core Finisher With Philly McMahon

Philly McMahon is back with his 10 minute core finisher challenge

Philly is a firm believer that your core is not just a six pack, but encompasses the area from your knees to your shoulders. This is the perfect finisher to add on to your workout to work the entire core. It’s even great as a standalone workout if you’re short on time.

10 minutes, no breaks. Complete the following exercises as many times as you can:

  1. Raised leg circles, 30 seconds each direction
  2. Core sprints, 60 seconds rotating sides
  3. Plank with shoulder drop, 60 seconds
  4. Side plank, 30 seconds each side
  5. Waiter carry, 10 meters each side
  6. Suitcase carry, 10 meters each side

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