Talking To… James Kavanagh & William Murray of Currabinny

The Currabinny Cookbook has changed the way we view cooking, so we had to sit down and chat with authors James Kavanagh and William Murray

When it launched earlier this winter we became obsessed with The Currabinny Cookbook, it’s all about simple ingredients cooked to perfection so their natural flavours shine. So we sat down with James Kavanagh and William Murray to see if their personal kitchen habits reflect the recipes in the book.

What five ingredients do you always have in the kitchen?

Butter, rapeseed oil, peanut rayu, Maldon salt, Worcester sauce

What’s your go to fifteen minute dinner?

Our Rye Spring Onion Pancakes with Lime & Chilli Butter

What ingredient should everybody try to cook with?

Seaweed. It’s versatile and adds lovely texture and a salty flavour.

If you could only cook with one herb for the rest of your life what would it be?

Basil (mainly just to smell it)

If somebody really can’t cook what recipe should they try to master?

Our Beetroot Hummus or Kale & Seaweed Pesto; you just throw everything into a blender and the outcome is really delicious. Once you make something and it turns out well, you get more motivated – so start small!

What’s your favourite recipe in the book?

Our Ruby Chard Korma. It’s what we served at our first market, so means a lot to us!

What’s next for Currabinny as a brand?

We’re on the lookout for a premises for a cafe at the moment, so fingers crossed!

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