essential oils for beginners

Essential Oils for beginners

If you’re curious about oils and their benefits then here’s five essential oils for beginners

I have always been drawn to essential oils. I picked up bottles from all the countries I travelled to. They felt like they had some special power that I wanted to tap into but didn’t know how. The bottles were usually just left on my shelf like a collector’s item.

I searched online and read some books but found the world of essential oils overwhelming. It was befriending an Italian girl while travelling that taught me most. She worked as a homeopath and had so much wisdom to share. Most of the way I use essential oils is based on what she taught me.

I began to use oils regularly and they are now part of my daily routine. The bottles now filling my handbag instead of sitting unused of my shelf.

Here are five essential oils for beginners.


The only thing I knew about this oil was that one of the lads that came to Jesus in the stable was carrying it. I had no idea what its significance was. Well this lad was very wise. Frankincense is known to promote emotional balance and increases introspection and spiritual awareness. When I want to connect and manifest (around the New Moon) I use it every day. I put one drop on my palm, rub my palms together and then press them against my bare chest and forehead. It is my favourite oil to use in the morning; it gives me confidence to go out each day doing what I believe in.


This oil is great for relaxation. It is a wonderful bottle to carry in your bag to have on hand to settle nerves. Just by gently inhaling lavender oil the mind immediately feels a sense of calmness. I use it at night time; dropping a few drops in the bath, mixing with a moisturiser to rub onto the skin or sprinkling drops on my pillow before bed. I also use it in my yoga class for a forehead massage during savasana to help with relaxation.

Rose Oil

An oil I only discovered recently. While learning more about the chakras, especially the heart chakra, this oil came into my life. Rose oil is potent for helping with the harmonious functioning of the heart chakra and to remove blockages we can have around this space.  It is used to awaken our perception of love, beauty and harmony all around us.  This is why a bunch of roses is associated with love and romance.

Tea tree

Tea tree has many uses; it has healing properties and is also good for the immune system. Adding a couple of drops to your shampoo is refreshing and cleansing for the scalp. It can be added to a night time moisturiser to clear the skin. It also has emotional benefits and is known to renovate positive thinking. Some mornings this is the oil that I use; I drop on my wrists and at the base of my throat.

Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine oil is a beautiful sweet smelling oil from the jasmine flower. It is a natural remedy for improving mood and overcoming stress. It smells delicious. I mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil and use it as a perfumed moisturiser for the body. It is also known to be an effective aphrodisiac with seductive qualities. It can be infused in a room by putting a few drops in a diffuser to create an intimate and romantic setting. Ylang Ylang is the other oil known for aphrodisiac qualities. My Italian friend passed me this information in a whisper like she was passing on the world’s best kept secret. Maybe she was.

There are hundreds of different essential oils to try. These are a nice few to start off with to begin discovering their magic. I buy my oils from health stores around town and pick them up from every country I visit. It is important to buy good quality oils to get their full benefit. I hope you enjoy using these oils and discovering their natural power.

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