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HOUSE OF VOGA is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell, a successful set designer in the fashion, film and design industry who qualified as a yoga instructor in 2011. Identifying a niche for a more expressive, energetic style of yoga, Juliet went on to create VOGA, a stretching and posing routine set to an iconic 80s beat. Following the breakout success of Juliet HOUSE OF VOGA sessions in Ibiza, East London, Rio and Buenos Aires; Berlin, Istanbul, Mexico City and NYC, you now have the opportunity to spice up your existing yoga routine and become part of this addictive new workout trend, inspired by art, fashion, film and wellbeing. Discover how to strike a pose and channel your inner VOGA.


A FUSION OF YOGA AND VOGUING, FITNESS AND FASHION set to an 80s beat and designed to empower.

VOGA Combines a highly stylized yoga with the slick angular alignment of vogueing, bridging the gap between yoga and dance. It offers the breath synchronised moves of yoga with the expressive moves of the dance class.

VOGA is a dynamic fusion of YOGA, FASHION and ‘VOGUE-inspired’ DANCE.

Think Vogue. Think yoga. This is VOGA. Yoga with sass!


It’s a fabulously fun way to get fit, toned and flexible, burning calories whilst strengthening mind and body.


You will see the difference and feel the burn! VOGA targets key areas to reimagine, sculpt and shape your body the way you love it!




VOGA shows students how to connect to the physicality of the body through breath, movement and music and inspires an 80s enjoyment to ‘exercising’ and sense of empowerment they can transfer to everyday life. It encourages people to explore the inherent power in the yoga pose.

VOGA is a dynamic fusion of YOGA, FASHION and ‘VOGUE-inspired’ DANCE.


The latest fitness craze for ALL ages, skills and fitness levels to take over the UK!

What started out as a one-women crusade to get the country moving, has snowballed into a global brand and fitness craze being taught all around the world.

HOUSE OF VOGA has received great support from TV and press, where you may have seen the face of HOUSE OF VOGA, Juliet Murrell, on shows such as Sunday Brunch, Made in Chelsea and The Today Show…and features in magazines such as Vogue, Grazia & The Guardian.


HOUSE OF VOGA has grown from an exciting idea, to a fully trademarked concept with 10 instructors worldwide; teaching classes in Gyms, Studios, Offices, Fashion Houses, Private Members Clubs, Nightclubs, Hotels (Soho House Worldwide/ Puro) & Private Villas across the globe – from London, Paris, Ibiza to New York, Rio and Buenos Aires, Milan to Mexico City.


We’ve collaborated with brands such as Swarovski, Adidas, Colette, JD Sports, and appeared in 7 Vogue magazines worldwide.



2017 is set to be a big year for HOUSE OF VOGA – Starting with a retreats inIBIZA; the release of a HOUSE OF VOGA merchandise; fashion collaborations; an instructional youtube channel; festival appearances around the world; press and tv support, brand collaborations and many many more exciting prospects.


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Louella Michie – Voga

06 May 2017
14:00 - 14:40