Hazel Wallace

Doctor and Founder of The Food Medic

Hazel Wallace

Doctor and Founder of The Food Medic


My name is Dr. Hazel Wallace, and I am the girl behind The Food Medic.

The Food Medic is a product of who I am and what I do; I’m a practicing doctor with a special interest in nutrition, and a qualified personal trainer.
This is a blog I set up in 2013 as a platform to show people that eating healthy and staying fit can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into an everyday busy lifestyle. I graduated in 2012 with a first class degree in Medical Sciences, and went on to gain a graduate degree in Medicine (MBBCH) in 2016. I now work as a Junior Doctor in London.

I like to think of myself as one of the first of a new generation of doctors. It is my mission to combine my knowledge as a doctor and a personal trainer, with my passion for nutrition, to debunk the myths that are out there, simplify healthy eating, and help people live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

The big diseases of today are diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. What do all of these diseases have in common? They are all linked our lifestyles – the food that we eat, how often we exercise, and even the stress that we experience.

The benefits of eating well and exercising often extend far beyond looking and feeling great. With the right food, we can actually prevent and even reverse certain illnesses and disease – Yes reverse!
In my book, The Food Medic, I show you how to maximise your health through nutrition and exercise, and teach you, step-by-step, healthy habits for life!

The Food Medic isn’t simply a book with a collection of recipes that will just help shift a few stubborn pounds before a holiday; it is about health, confidence, happiness and feeling great for good.

This is not a diet book, this is the book that will stop you ever having to buy another diet book again! This book is about health, confidence, happiness, and feeling great for good.

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07 May 2017
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