Are You Doing Burpees All Wrong?

Love them or hate them burpees are included in workouts because they work. But do you need some burpee advice to do them properly?

The dreaded burpee is the ideal finisher for a hardcore workout or an at-home HIIT session but do you need some burpee advice? Have you ever thought about how you’re doing them and if you’re actually doing them right?

Yeah us neither, we’re just happy to get through them!

how to do a burpee correctly

However, Gina Florio is a HIIT trainer who says we all need help. She says to make sure we really jump at the top of each burpee to make sure our heart rate sees a noticeable spike.

So if you have a tendency to just get through it without putting any effort into the jump you’re missing a really important part of the exercise.

Gina says: “The next time you’re doing burpees, as you come up from the floor, fully extend your arms and jump as high as you can. Yes, it will be harder, but it will be really worth it in the long run! You’ll get added conditioning, and your legs will get more toned.”

So there you have it!

Now you know you can do it properly try Philly McMahon’s 10 to 1 workout – and prepared to build up a sweat!

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