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6 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Fitness Results

Are you killing yourself working out but not seeing the fitness results? Here’s six reasons you might not be seeing the fitness results you deserve.

Not getting anywhere in the gym? Maybe it’s because you need to work smarter not harder and make changes outside the gym.

Because you need to work smarter not harder

And no, we’re not talking about laying out your gym clothes the night before, although that’s something to look into. Instead we’re talking about organising your workout. Are you cramming a quick 30 minute session in whenever you can? Sure it’s better than nothing but if you really want to see results you need to follow a plan. And that plan needs to include all cardio, resistance and stretching. An ad hoc approach to working out is unlikely to bring about real results. If you’re putting in the time anyway, try to workout smarter not harder.

Because you need to mix it up

Let’s use running as an example. Did you start a couch to 5k programme and see big results? But now that you’re heading towards a 10k you’ve stalled? That sounds about right, your body needs fresh stimulus to be effective and conditioned. Look at how you spend your time working out now and see where you can swap out cardio for weights or incorporate classes. Confusing your body will keep it guessing and working harder.

Because you don’t rest

It’s too easy to go hell for leather when you start seeing results. But the more you push your body without taking rest days the less it’s going to respond. Think about this from your own perspective. If you worked 7 days a week you’d start become tired and less productive right? But by having two days off a week, you unwind and head back to work refreshed and motivated again. It’s the same for your body when it comes to exercise. You need to take rest days so your body can recover and go again.

Because you don’t eat well

You know the old saying you can’t out train a bad diet? Well it’s an old saying because it’s true. If you’re killing yourself with four gym classes a week and then drinking pints and eating take aways every weekend you’re not going to see results. Sure you might get to a point where that’s considered maintanence but until you get to where you want to be you need to eat smarter.

Because you’re not working hard enough

Ok so this isn’t about finger pointing, it’s about knowing what’s hard for you. Think you’re going at 100%, well how do you know. Until you know how hard you can work out how will you know what a comfortable pace is? Invest in a heart monitor to help you figure it out and ask a professional what intensity level brings about the best results.

Because you’ve stopped moving

The case for every day activity as a form of exercise is increasing, so instead of only hitting the gym incorporate movement into every day. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Adding 15 minutes of extra activity into your day as well as following a workout plan will bring about real results.

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