Five Fitness Troubleshooting Tips to Get Moving and Keep Going

If you have the best intentions to get healthier but feel like you’re not reaching you’re goals or are putting it off, these five tips could get you on the right track.

Get Started

Just start now! Don’t wait for a Monday or a fresh month. Don’t worry about anyone else’s journey or page 100. Start where you are, start on your page 1, here and now. Worried about the ‘super fits’ in the gym? Trust me everyone else in the gym is too focused on their own goals, and their own session to be concerned about what you are doing and they all started somewhere too!

Find Motivation

Find your why? Not just a number on the scales or a time to beat, but a deeper why, a deeper meaning than the mirror. A wedding or sun holiday is a great short term goal and a great stepping stone on the bigger path but when there is more ‘weight’ (pardon the pun) to the overall goal like a health benefit at the end of the journey, it can carry much more importance. For example, this could be a dad not just wanted to get fitter, but wanting to be fitter in order to play on the pitch with the kids for years to come. The action is to get fitter in order to achieve that goal. Find your why? The real reason you want to achieve your desired effect and the real reason behind the goal you set. Focus on it, every day, even in a little way.

It’s Not Working

So, you tried plan ‘A’ because it worked for Mary down the road or Tom in the office, but they aren’t you and one size does not fit all. There are so many variations that make each individual’s plan and journey just that, individual. Trial and error might take a little longer to get you on the road to results, but you will find it leads to a much more sustainable achievable path when it is tailored to you. Try talking to a qualified professional for advice and programming truly tailored to your life and goals and watch what happens.   

Get Back on Track

It didn’t work? Get back up and try again. Try, try, try again. Consistency is the key to results, they don’t happen overnight. You got bored? Try something new and keep trying something new until you find something you enjoy doing, then keep doing that. I will never understand when people drag themselves to a gym to run on a treadmill for an hour they loathe and drive home tired and demotivated because they hate running. This will most likely lead to drifting in and out of phases and bursts of activity, with no real results due to low level of consistency. When you find something you actually enjoy doing, it is sustainable, leading to a longer level of adherence and higher chance of results while embedding long term positive lifestyle habits.

Stay on Course

When results begin to slow down, change it up. Your body needs a challenge to change. Focus on your own journey and ignore the destinations of others, including those on social media. Take online information with a pinch of salt. You can find  some great free advice out there but it can be a minefield of opinions and options. Instead, aim to attain your own goals with short term stepping stones along the way which are all centred around your why! And above all else, enjoy the process and the journey because some of the best views are along the way and not necessarily the destination at the end of the day.


Siobhan Shaw, Duty Manager at DKIT Sport writes for Aura Leisure, official gym partner of WellFest 2018 and sponsors of the WellFit stage. For more information and to book, head to wellfest.ie