Kathryn Thomas

Five minutes with… Kathryn Thomas

She’s as known for her fitness regime as her presenting work, so just how is RTE star Kathryn Thomas dealing with pregnancy and training? We decided to ask her!

Kathryn how’s your pregnancy been so far?

I’m 36 weeks now and it has absolutely flown by. I’ve been so lucky, I haven’t been sick at all, I feel great. I finish work this week and will spend the next few weeks taking it easy and getting ready.

Have you been working out while pregnant?

Well, because it took us so long to get pregnant and we had some ups and downs along the way, I was a little careful for my first trimester. I took down my training and instead walked the dog until my specialist gave me the all clear that I was no longer a high risk pregnancy. And once I passed twelve weeks and was able to work out I went online for ideas and found such  mixed messages that I did a lot of research myself.

I spoke to my doctor and to my trainer, Siobhan Byrne of Body Byrne Fitness who’s trained in pregnancy fitness and is a mum herself. I also listen to my body. For the second trimester and half way through the third I pretty much did what I’d always done, but I took the weights down.

What I learned is that each pregnancy and each woman is different so you really need to listen to the people who you trust as well as listening to your body. Because what’s right for me may not be right for you.

What sort of exercises did you do

The bigger I got the more I started to focus on strengthening my legs and I went at maybe 70 – 80% of my capacity. I’m the sort of person who likes to train hard and fast but while I’ve been pregnant I brought that back a little. I dropped my weights by about a third and did slower reps. But I was still doing squats and lunges and boxing. I loved it!

Why did you decide to share your workouts online?

I decided to post the videos to Instagram because I was enjoying it so much. And 90% of the comments were really positive but there was the 10% saying I should be taking it easy and taking better care of myself and I was so happy to start that conversation. Even with my own mother who was telling me to slow down and take better care of myself.

My doctor said that 20 years ago expectant mothers were expected to wrap themselves in cotton wool but now all the research says that strength training is so beneficial for the moms and the babies.

It’s such a divisive issue but I think that if I feel better and fitter then it’s better for me and my baby. Labour is such an incredible thing for the body to go through and is one of the biggest stresses so I need to stay as strong as I can.

Did you find training good for your mental health?

Oh yes! To go from training three to four times a week to doing nothing was hard for both my body and my head. For me exercise is as much about mental health as it is about physicality.

I did nothing for the 12 weeks and that nearly sent me over the edge, so I took up pregnancy yoga very early on and it did help keep me sane. I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m not a yogi or the sort of person who meditates but the strength and power some of the poses require is a lot of work.

I practiced with Miriam Kearns and my hour a week with her was my chance to slow and connect with my body so I’ll be totally keeping it up.

And how’s Pure Results Bootcamp going?

It’s great! Pure Results is all about confidence and self-belief. We encourage people to eat well, engage with their bodies and give yourself time to just be. Now I finally feel like I’m listening to my own advice!

We have a retreat in Parknasilla from this month so I’m excited to get going again with it.


For more information visit pureresultsbootcamp.com