Vogue Williams

Five minutes with… Vogue Williams

Her Insta-HIIT videos are inspiring, while her attitude to working out is refreshingly balanced. We chat to Vogue Williams about fitness, confidence and embracing her competitive nature

What does fitness mean to you? Does it mean working towards one goal or does it mean working fitness into your lifestyle?

Fitness is an important a part of my daily life now. I’ve learnt how much I rely on it to lift my mood and enhance my concentration levels. Some mornings I struggle to leap out of bed, but nothing beats that post work-out feeling. I’ve never regretted a work-out.

What’s your favourite way to work out?

I’m all about mixing it up. I love to run with Winston, my dog, when in London and I’m really into strength and conditioning with my personal trainers. I’m a big fan of Ko-Box in London; it’s basically boxing in the dark with rave music. When we get the chance, Spencer and I train together. We are both very competitive so it makes for some quality laughs and healthy competition. I often let him win.

What areas do you hate working on?

I used to struggle with my upper legs. My stomach always tones up first and my legs last. I’ve learnt so much from personal training, from what my body requires in order to be its best to not getting too caught up in areas where I struggle.  I can confidently say that I’m at my happiest when I train and enjoy a balance in life.

If you only have 20 minutes to exercise what do you do?

I’ll do a strength and conditioning workout. You would be surprised how effective a twenty minute session can be.

Do you find nice workout gear gets you in the mood?

Somedays the only thing that gets me in the mood is a Nutramino HEAT drink. When I’m not feeling energetic I’ll drink a HEAT before a workout for that extra energy boost. I do love to wear bright colour workout gear, but must admit I’m probably more focused on if it’s quick dry and if it washes well.

Does working out impact what you eat? Do you make better choices because you’re exercising?

Over the years I’ve evolved my eating habits. I like to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat pretty clean and make sure to get enough protein, carbs, good fats and vegetables. I love nothing more than a Nutra-Go coconut wafer it reminds me of the snacks you’d have at your granny’s. The remaining 20% of the time I allow myself something not so clean, if I’m going all out a dirty chipper when I’m home in Dublin wins, it’s just not the same in London.

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What motivates you?

Waking up each day and having the opportunity to do what I love. My motivation comes from within and I like to surround myself with close family and friends who understand the importance of happiness and enjoying life. My family and I laugh a lot, we typically poke fun at each other and I think that’s really important in order not to take life too seriously.

What’s your favourite way to exercise?

I really need to mix it up otherwise I find my body becomes complacent with my training. Plus I love to try out new classes or sports. We took up Mai Thai boxing last November in Thailand. It was great to try something new, although it was pretty hardcore. I’ve so much respect for the trainers, their level of fitness is insane and so inspiring.

Do you think training with a friend helps?

I really enjoy training with Spencer and attending group classes. I have been completing a lot of personal one-to-one training sessions recently. I’m finding this extremely effective and it’s easier to fit it into my schedule.

How often do you train?

I like to train six out of seven days. If I could train the seventh day I would.  I’m an ‘always on-the-go’ type of person but I’m learning to understand the importance of rest and recovery.

Has there been surprising benefits? Like mental clarity, better skin etc?

Oh absolutely, my concentration levels have improved, I’m generally happier and I’ve found since introducing training more regularly into my lifestyle it has helped with my anxiety. I no longer feel that stress as much as I did. I think with age and experience I’ve managed to love my body and myself for who I am.

What’s your top tip for anyone who struggles to stay motivated?

Find a class or a sport that makes you feel amazing afterwards. Doing something that you are excited to do and makes you feel happy is key.


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