5 signs your insta addiction is unhealthy

5 Signs That Your Insta Addiction Is Unhealthy

Are you addicted  to social media? Here’s five signs that your Insta addiction is unhealthy

Social media is a part of daily life and a whole new way to communicate and be accessible. We know that it can impact self esteem, but how do you  know when your addiction is unhealthy?

Dr Sarah Vohra, NHS consultant psychiatrist @themindmedic says: “While I can’t yet diagnose someone with social media addiction, I believe that it’s real. Just as someone with alcohol addiction may have a drink first thing – even though they know it is damaging their physical health – people with tendencies towards social media addiction will grab their phone as soon as they wake up, despite knowing that scrolling mindlessly first thing negatively impacts their health.”

Early morning use

Should you be asleep but instead you’re scrolling and posting? Using social media when you should be sleeping is a sign of addiction.

Over use of filters

Do you Insta friends know the real you? If they saw you outside the virtual world would they recognise you?

Do you find it hard to concentrate?

If you’re scrolling when you should be sleeping it will impact your mood. Your ability to concentrate and your ability to do your job.

Are you always bored?

Are you happy to single task? Like watch TV, read a book or chat to a friend, or do you feel bored unless you’re also on social media?

Do you pay attention to every like?

Do you compare posts and wonder why one did so much better than the other? If you’re using social media in a healthy way you won’t care what sort of engagement you get. But if you’re retaking photos and using filters to get as many likes as possible you need to address your addiction.

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