how to beat the sunday fear

Five Ways To Beat The Sunday Fear

Do you spend your Sundays dreading the week ahead, avoiding people and dealing with low level anxiety? Then it’s time to take action and reclaim your weekend.

The Sunday Fear is a very real thing. Sometimes it’s caused by over indulgence from the night before. Sometimes it’s caused by worry about an upcoming event. And sometimes it’s just how you’re feeling on the day. But that doesn’t mean you have stay beholden to the fear. We’re here with five easy ways to beat the Sunday Fear.

Write a to do list

If the dread is over everything you to achieve in the next five days, get organised. Write a list. Prioritise what really needs to be done and work from there. If you need three lists, write three lists. Try to do a work list, a personal list and a goals list. Getting everything out of your head and down on paper is the easiest way to ease a busy mind. It also helps put structure on your thinking.

Meal prep

We’ve spoke about this a lot, but meal prep doesn’t have to be about turkey burgers in lunch boxes. It can be about writing a menu plan and doing a food shop. Making food and freezing it. Or just acknowledging that you’ll be home late on Wednesday so need to make extra on Tuesday. Not worrying about food is another thing you can cross off your list.

Get a head start

Right so we’re not advocating working on a Sunday, by any means, but getting ahead can really help. If you don’t want to open the laptop on a Sunday, and we’re with you, do personal jobs. Start the ironing so you have clothes for the week. If you’re going away next weekend pack this weekend. And you see where we’re going? Doing one thing from your to do list sets you at an advantage for the week. And yes, you can write something down just so you can cross it off. That is satisfying!!

Get some exercise

If you’re truly struggling to get some headspace get out. Put on your runners and walk to the shop. If you have it in you run. And if you really want to go all out hit the gym. It doesn’t have to be a huge workout but moving and getting some air can help your mind slow down, even if it is just to buy more snacks.

Do something you love

If you hate cleaning the bathroom then don’t do it when the fear has a hold. It won’t be helpful. Ring a friend. Watch a movie that always cheers you up. Read a book. Take a bath. Do whatever you want. Just don’t do something that makes you feel worse. Nobody needs another hero.

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