four ways to deal with difficult people

Four ways to deal with difficult people

Because not every family Christmas is full of merriment and light

Christmas means lots of love and laughter, but can also mean lots of family drama. Because let’s be honest not all families are friends. So, what can you do if you’re already starting to get itchy feet a few days into your week at home?

Change your own behaviour

The saying that changing how you view the world changes the world you view is not new, but it’s applicable here. If you get to the stage where every time you see your sister all you think of is all the times you’ve fought, you’ve going to become prickly before anything happens. Try instead to focus on the good times, and ignore the little things that she does that irritate you. There is also the point of view that people only annoy us because their behaviour reminds us of things we don’t like about ourselves. But that’s an article for another day!

Set boundaries

And be firm! If somebody’s time keeping really grates, then start dinner without them and let them know their behavior is unacceptable. It’s easy to sit in silence and let the irritation rise but how are relationships ever going to get better if we don’t address issues within them? It’s important to be firm with boundaries, once they’re set they should only be lowered if behaviour changes.

Remove all attention

If your brother always causes an argument then maybe this time don’t rise to the bait? The reason people cause trouble is for attention, once the attention is removed they’re less likely to behave in an unreasonable way.

Set an intention

If you head home fearful of drama, upset or arguing this year flip your view. Decide that you will have a good time and watch how people respond differently. We can’t change all behavior but by deciding that we will enjoy this time at home our attitude to drama changes. Basically, once you’ve decided to have a good Christmas there’s very little anyone can do to change that.

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