Woman gardens as a way to lower stress

5 Free Ways To Lower Stress

Do you want to lower stress levels but don’t have the budget for a weekend away or a night out? Then try one of these free ways to make yourself feel better

Take a digital detox

Ideally for an entire weekend, but if that’s not practical then at least try to start turning off your phone an hour or 90 minutes before bedtime. Not only will it improve your sleep patterns, but it will help your mind unwind which in turn will help you feel less stressed.

Enjoy some affection

Because sometimes a hug makes everything better. It also makes you realise that you’re not alone. Human connection is an incredibly powerful way to improve your mood.

Get outside and get some fresh air

You know the saving a change is a good as a rest? Well getting outside and into the fresh air is that saying personified. Especially if you leave your phone at home. Get out, take some deep breaths and try to focus on your surroundings, the sun on your face and your breath.

Pet an animal, and it doesn’t have to be yours

The benefits animals can have on humans are well known, so at times of high stress why not visit a friend who has a dog? Snuggling on the couch with a furry pal or walking through the park while playing with a dog will make you be more present and stop you focussing on problems. Interacting with a pet makes you become more present, as you focus solely on the task at hand.

Try your hand at gardening

Or cooking! The reason yoga is so calming is because it’s a moving meditation, while you’re practising yoga you have no space for other thoughts. Gardening and cooking are exactly the same, as they encourage you to focus on something to the exlusion of all other thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal or landscaping, just putting everything out of your mind and focussing on the task at hand can be helpful in lowering stress.

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