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Gerry Hussey’s MasterBrain Challenge

Today for your #WellGood challenge we’re asking you to pay attention to your brain with Gerry Hussey’s MasterBrain challenge. Are you game?

Have you ever tried to harness the power of your brain? Seriously?

Well today we’re asking you to watch Gerry’s video, either alone or with a friend and learn how you can use your brain to motivate yourself.

Successful people aren’t better than you, they just think about things differently. And now you can too.

If you missed the last few days it’s not too late to join in. Check out all the info here.

Take part for a chance to win

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We have two pairs of weekend tickets to give away each week! The two winners will be selected at random out of those using #WellGood on social media. What’s more, all those that follow the programme will be able to claim €5 off a weekend ticket to WellFest 2018.
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